Film Location

Film LocationPukeora Estate is a secluded retreat set on 83 acres of dramatic hillside property  encompassing a working vineyard, winery, pasture and a large number of buildings which were once part of a sanatorium/hospital complex now in private ownership. In addition there are 5 old occupied farm houses, a barn, woolshed, killing-shed etc.

Part of the complex is now operated as a convention venue but is unoccupied for quite long periods of time.

The backdrop scenery of the Pukeora Estate hillside site is a stunning vista of dreamy rural rivers, plains, hills and mountains.

The location could set the scene for the following...

On Site: Outdoors

On Site: Buildings: Indoor/Outdoor

Within 1 hour's drive


Accommodation in the form of a budget lodge with twin/double rooms is on site for up to 120 people (shared bathrooms). A commercial kitchen capable of producing meals for up to 500 is available on site.

Other accommodation is available within 10 minutes drive including  3 motels.

Note: The images shown on this page are all taken on site at Pukeora Estate with 1 exception (taken from 1 Km).